"After hearing your presentation, I not only want to be a better leader, 

I want to be a better person. Thank You!" 

 -Senior Leader, Eversource


I was going to write you a note this morning thanking you for your wonderful remarks last night. I was not sure exactly how to express my feelings about your wonderful message.    Clearly you spent a lot of time thinking about just the right things to say to our audience.

I wanted to share this feedback from one of your attendees last night. He says it better than I ever could have said it.

I suspect that you have heard this from countless others already, but Ms. Murchison’s remarks were very compelling and, frankly, inspiring.

I have listened to many, many speakers over the years at myriad events.

I believe she may have been one of if not the best that I have had occasion to hear.

Meaning no disrespect to any others that I have had the privilege of listening to in the past, Ms. Murchison’s speech and theme of fearlessness was so moving. 

-YWCA Annual Meeting Attendee